Abbie's Entry

November 01, 2019

One of my PA's has been sharing a blog with me that she has recently started following. It is called Gin & Lemonade and is written by Lorna - a young Mum with CP.  Lorna writes about a whole host of topics but one that has struck a chord with me recently is access.  Lorna does not mind being in a wheelchair.  What she minds is how poor access is.  The story of the teacher carrying a student in his backpack for a field trip has gone viral.  Lorna feels that we seemed to have missed the point in praising the teacher when we should be finding and highlighting wheelchair accessible nature trails. The young person involved is fine about the story going viral but Lorna makes the more serious point that disabled people are more than props for someone’s good deeds. 


Like Lorna I have my wheels. My wheels are not the problem.  My CP is not the problem.  My issues are inaccessible buildings and people not tuning in to what accessible means.  I am disabled by my environment.


From Service Stations which I can’t get my wheels into could you not move stuff so I can get my wheels in?  Sometimes it really is that simple.


Or how about before you advertise your Farmhouse as fully accessible how about trying it out with lots of disabled people to ensure that it really meets our needs.  We had done our research on a property to try this year for our holiday but the layout was tricky at best and unsafe at worst with me needing to go out onto a hairpin bend on the road to access the garden and raised pool.  The floodlit photo on the website did not show the lip!


I should have realised that things were not going to be easy from the get go for this trip.  Mum could not find her Passport on the Saturday with us due to leave in the early hours of the morning on Monday.  By Sunday afternoon having turned the house upside down it was clear that this Passport was planning on staying hidden and it was going to be too difficult to postpone given the way that my PA's were all booked up to be flying in and out over the next 3 weeks.


So I waved Mum goodbye and set off with some crazy weather for company all the way down to my favourite hotel and my preferred room which had been remodeled since my last stay and yes, you guessed it it was no longer accessible.  Delicious food helped to make up for the disappointment.


We then moved over to the Farmhouse only to find that it was not going to be suitable so immediately started to try and find what else might be available.  All in all that first week was spent packing and repacking and a steady stream of conversations and negotiations in an attempt to salvage the trip.  


So a week after I got to Spain, Mum arrived and we were back at the hotel for a week. All in all that first week was not very restful so the holiday only really got started once Mum arrived.  At the end of that week we moved again to an apartment in the Square.  Best fit given the circumstances.

I got back at the end of September and have eased myself back into training from home having made the decision not to trek up to Lee Valley twice a week.  I have my new gym all set up at home and my PT is now coming across and with the days drawing in it feels like a good way to be heading into the Winter months.


In addition to the gym, great progress has been made on the murals in my bedroom.  It was hard work getting the brief together but I have got exactly what I wanted.  The only thing is having seen how great it looks has inspired me and I want more so that my whole bedroom is filled with Disney and Harry Potter characters.  I also have my Sensory Room to look forward to being installed at the end of November.  Feels like it has been a long time coming but I appreciate that it was important to get the plans right.  I know that it is going to provide me with the most important chill out space where I can have some privacy at last.


It was my Birthday this week and I started my celebrations with a surprise visit to Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens where one of my team has gone to become a Wine Ambassador.  I thoroughly enjoyed a Cheese and Wine pairing experience followed by a bottle of bubbles that Emma opened with a Sabre at the table!  This was followed by a visit to the Doll’s House Exhibition which was impressive.  I had taken my camera as I’m doing a Photography course at College but drizzly weather meant we spent only a little time in the garden.


On the Sunday I had a Surprise Party.  My PA's had worked to turn the outside area into a Big Top and we had a singalong to The Greatest Showman.  My afternoon began with a wonderful meal with my family but I made sure to save room for some Tapas during the film!


Monday was the actual day and I opened cards and presents first thing before heading up to London for a bit of retail therapy and a family meal.

Now having started this blog by saying how disappointing access often is I want to end it by telling you how pleasantly surprised I have been by the College experience.  I am delighted to report that the faculty have already worked with a quadriplegic student and currently have a student with access requirements.  As a result the Risk Assessments and Emergency Evacuation procedures are all in place and the College have even offered to train my PA's on the EvacuChair!  


In fact I have been so inspired that I went to an Open Day at the College to see what options might be available for Art.  Watch this space for what I find.

Gavin's Entry

October 17, 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. Firstly I want to start off this blog by wishing those who are going to the CP Teens Ball in a few weeks time a wonderful night. I have no doubt you will all have an amazing time. Unfortunately I am unable to make it this year as I am preparing for the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai later on in November. I am gutted to be missing the ball this year but sadly you can't be in two places at once. I wish that was possible though - that would be so cool!


Earlier this year, I promised that I would do a blog post about my recent trip to Romania with the boys' brigade when I returned. So for this blog, I thought I would share a few paragraphs I have written about the trip and the work we do in Romania:


Having visited previously in 2017, I was delighted to have the opportunity to make the trip to Romania and visit the Rhema Foundation for the 2nd time. I couldn't wait to return. One of the main reasons the boys' brigade continues to visit the foundation is to spend time with the residents. Over the years, a special bond has been created between the residents and the company, so much so we now consider each other to be like family. All the residents are dependent on the foundation to support them and unfortunately have very little or no contact with their family. Also, during our last trip, we learned that we are the only organisation to have visited multiple times. With this in mind, we try and spend as much time as possible with them during our trip. The disco and karaoke on the final night was a definite highlight.


As well as spending time with the residents, we worked with children from local communities and helped to run the foundation’s daycare sessions. Most of the children that attend the sessions come from gypsy backgrounds. These daycare sessions are vital as they not only provide a safe space to play and also they ensure the children receive an education they otherwise likely wouldn’t get due to the low status of gypsies in Romania. It was great to see the kids running around and having fun. They fully embraced themselves in the activities and challenges we provided, it didn’t matter whether it was making sculptures out of play dough or singing (and doing the actions) to “Baby Shark”. They even made sure they outdid us each time!


The first time I went to Romania, I really realised the importance of the work the Rhema Foundation does and going for a second time only reinforced this. Their work really is invaluable. The foundation has helped changed so many lives.


It was an incredible week. I am already looking forward to when I next visit, hopefully in 2021.



Georgia's Entry

October 03, 2019

When I first started playing the piano 9 years ago, I did not think that an instrument could have such a significant impact on my life.


I was influenced to get into the piano by watching my sister play as she had started lessons 18 months earlier, but I never thought I’d be able to do it and I just ruled it because of my fine motor difficulty due to my Cerebral Palsy.  Then in 2009, my sister was involved in a piano concert of which her piano teacher kindly asked me to be involved, I was a bit anxious as all I’d ever played was ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, however her piano teacher suggested I followed the lights which seemed perfect!


After doing this amazing show, I decided that in the next show I wanted to play the piano for real and nothing or no one was going to stop me! I started off basic as it was very hard to play using both hands, I am right-handed and whenever I’m using my right hand my left hand tends to wander off. I had a lot of work coming my way, but I was up for the challenge.  Over time I have got better at the piano, and not only this but it has been a great source of occupational therapy for myself as since I started playing my fine motor skills have improved. It challenges parts of my brain that need to be challenged and pushed as by playing the piano I must work against my brain. I admit I’m not the best pianist in the world, but this doesn’t matter all the matters is that I enjoy it.


Playing the piano has given me many opportunities I uploaded a video of myself playing for World Cerebral Palsy Day, in October 2018, of which I was taken back by how many views I managed to get! So now I am using the piano in a positive way.  I never thought that when I started 9 years ago, that it would help me gain confidence in not just being a young-women but being a young-women with a disability. Due to my disability, I have a speech impairment and some people find it hard to understand what I am saying so playing the piano gives me the ability to present myself in a clear way without presenting barriers and to have this ability makes me so thankful to my amazing piano teacher!


You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it (sorry for the cliché) however this is what happened in my case!


Thank you for reading,


Georgia Vine



Josh's Entry

September 19, 2019

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had an amazing summer & enjoying being back at School, College or University. I thought I’d use this blog post to make an announcement, I have decided to step down as an Ambassador for CP Teens UK after 5 & half years. This wasn’t an easy decision for me as I am so grateful to be involved in such an amazing charity that does amazing things, however I feel it is the right time to take a step back as I feel I can’t give enough time with my work & I will be getting more involved in a couple of mental health charities. 

CP Teens has made me become more confident in myself and with my disability, without CP Teens I don’t think I would be where I’m at today in my personal life & my work life.

I would like to share my story of what CP Teens UK has done for me, As a child I was quite outgoing & never afraid to get involved in social activities, then when I went to High School I was constantly in & out of hospital through out my teenage years & I started getting social anxiety & going into a shell, I would never go out & just spent all my time on my own as I felt my Cerebral Palsy was a burden on everyone around me as I couldn’t get involved in much my friends were doing, It was like nobody could understand how I was feeling & I struggled so much with loneliness. I started getting involved in radio to try & help but there was still a lot of struggles I never knew what to do, then doing my own radio shows I got twitter to help with promotion of my shows, I started getting a following so decided to use the platform to talk about me & my Cerebral Palsy, this would turn out to be the best decision I would make.

Through talking about my Cerebral Palsy on Twitter I came across Ellie & she was telling me about CP Teens UK and her plans for it & invited me to become an Ambassador, which obviously I said I would love to be. CP Teens UK helped me so much, finding a group of people who could understand me & know how I’m feeling. Being involved in this charity has been great & I have met so many great people & hopefully helped loads of people too. 

Looking ahead to the future I am going to be getting more involved in a couple of mental health charities as I have struggled with mental health for a number of years & it has come to a stage in my life where I feel good about myself & enjoying life so thought I can help more young people who might be struggle & give them the support they need. 

I will continue to follow & support CP Teens UK, wherever I can & wish everybody involved in the charity the best of luck & if anybody needs someone to talk to about anything feel free to get in touch & I am always willing to talk with people.

Thank you to every single person who have helped me so much over the years I will always be forever grateful.


Georgia's Entry

August 22, 2019

Red Tape


There’s no handbook about what it is like to have Cerebral Palsy and this means that there’s no section about what the biggest hurdles are, but I can guarantee you that if there was a biggest hurdle it would be red tape. A lot of disability bloggers talk about the extra forms we have to fill out just to get to where we need to be so, I thought I’d tell you my thoughts on it. Filling out extra forms is just a part of my life and something that I am used to; at times the amount of hoops that I have to jump through is very frustrating. The older I get the more determined I am to succeed so as soon as I see the red tape I fell very deflated because it’s almost as if I was going at 60mph and to get knocked down to 20mph- which, isn’t the pace I want to be working at! 

The most frustrating part is that sometimes the exact same hurdles pop up, or even worse get bigger. I have just recently had an issue with renewing my blue badge in which this has taken 2 months to get sorted as my medical evidence wasn’t acceptable. I get it - the medical evidence has to be up to date! But my Cerebral Palsy is never going to go away or change for that matter! I also still get issues around my epilepsy - I’m seizure-free and have been for 15 years and have been off medication for 3 years. Why is this still a big issue? I understand my needs could change and you never know what’s around the corner; I don’t think everyone would have invested 3 years into getting me driving if they thought that I was going to have a seizure anytime soon. The most confusing aspect of the red tape is that sometimes the reasoning behind the red tape can be completely different. For example, going back to the issue of my epilepsy, this particular process I’ve done before and the last time I did it, no questions regarding my epilepsy came up. 

A big part of dealing with this red tape is telephone conversations, and due to my speech impairment telephone conversations are not my best friend and on numerous occasions, I’ve had to end the phone call and wait until my parents are around because the person at the other end of the phone can’t understand me. I’m a lot better at dealing with these telephone conversations then I used to be and have gained confidence, but when I have to pass the phone onto my parents I do feel like a little bit of independence has been taken away meaning that this process becomes more annoying. I would be wrong to say it gets me down because it doesn’t; as a 19-year-old I’d like to think that I can deal with these situations a lot more independently. But even if I can deal with the phone calls, when the form that I have to fill outcomes through the post and is not electronic, this automatically means that I need help as I struggle to handwrite so yet again it gets passed on to my parents, which again leaves me displeased. 

Frustrating or not the red tape just comes hand in hand with any disability and not just CP.  Do I wish this red tape wasn’t as hard to cut? Of course, I do. But this doesn’t mean I want CP to go away, it just means that at times I want things to be easier. I’m fortunate enough to have had a remarkable life so far with CP and have been given more opportunities like writing this blog today because of my CP. So even though this red tape annoys me when I look at the bigger picture I realised that there’s worst things to stress over!


Thank you for reading,


Abbie's Entry

August 15, 2019

Considering I am quadriplegic I feel like a bit of a Juggler at the moment as I have got several  plates spinning, or is it lots of balls up in the air!?!  Feels like both!


I have had a big recruitment drive going on which I have been heavily involved with - interviews, shadow shifts, taster shifts. I have to be honest, it is exhausting. Putting yourself out there, inviting strangers into your home, being extra sociable to get to know new people with no guarantee that at the end of it all any of it will work out. I have fingers crossed that it will and I am doing everything in my power from my side to get things to work.  From my Team Leader down we have had quite a move about with virtually a whole new team which means lots of additional training and Staff Meetings.  How long is reasonable to expect a newbie to get the hang of the system and my routine?  It’s a question I am asking myself on a daily basis right now I can tell you.


A ray of sunshine - although it feels like a lifetime ago, given I am currently sitting here in what feels like a Monsoon, was my trip to Center Parcs with my two longest standing PAs.  It was the first time at Center Parcs for all of us and I have to tell you it was one of the best breaks I have ever had.  Can you imagine being disabled and being told that you can do every activity that you want to?  No? Nor could I.   The power of yes is infectious.  I zip wired, I went on the white water rapids, I did Field Archery and the Tree Tops Adventure and the staff were superb.  Nothing was too much trouble and wherever an adjustment could be made to help me access the fun it was done.  I will definitely be going back.


My new comfortable chair has arrived and I am loving it.  I have dates to start my bedroom mural to start within the next fortnight, my Sensory Room is well on the way thanks to fabulous Chloe at Sensory Guru - who are a forward thinking technical genius set-up who have recognised the gap in the market for us 20 somethings who would like a chill out zone at home where we are safe and can actually shut the door on sharing all of our home with PAs.


I wanted to touch on the difficulty of getting out and about for friends - relationships. I know that my situation with around the clock support is different from the majority of my mates who often rely on parents and siblings for help.  For the past two years I have tried to arrange a Summer gathering and neither year has it come to much and I know the major stumbling block is that my friends find it so difficult to travel any kind of distance.  Leading on from this point it poses the bigger question.  If friends find it hard to get support to do social things if they are relying on help from friends and family how are we supposed to establish relationships and date?  Life is hard enough but there are just so many obstacles put in our way to have any kind of meaningful relationships when you have PAs or parents helping you to FaceTime, feeding you if you are able to get out for a meal, generally ear wigging, lack of privacy. 


I have had a few competitions since I last wrote and the weather has been wild - from rain to winds at all of them.  Manchester was really tough.  We had a journey of over 9 hours on the Friday to arrive at a hotel with a kitchen closing.  Saturday we woke to torrential downpours.  Arrived at the venue and my chair gave up.  Throwing conditions were so wild Steve Millar MBE described throwing the club as trying to throw a slippery bar of soap.  Huge thanks to my tribe -  Nessa for her support - particularly in the loan of her chair, Taz you were an awesome support to me in the stands and to Ali who makes light of whatever chaos is thrown at us.  Ali you are a Warrior! 


I love a show and the Tina Turner story was sensational. I went with my Mum and Dad as a birthday treat for them and we treated ourselves to just being a family with no PAs and a special supper at the Savoy!


Summer Exhibition at the RA was a mixed bag this year but I enjoyed spending the time with my arty inspirational Grandma and we finally got a date  to visit the Doll’s House Shop at Steyning.


Regrettably I did not enjoy Thriller as much.  Felt a bit like Karaoke for me.  Shame.


So I have just cancelled an outdoor do for my PAs to get to know each other this weekend as the weather does not look as if it plans on improving.  I’m hoping we can move it indoors for a Painting Party for my sensory space.  There will be cake! 


I am really in need of some sun and am really forward to catching some sun in Spain in September. The sun definitely eases my spasms and I sleep so much better. All PAs have been tasked with bringing ideas for games and activities so I am excited to extend our repetoire beyond Uno!


Beyond this it will be Birthday celebrations, Little Mix and thinking about Christmas. I have decided to do some Craft Fayres making bits to sell on behalf of The Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity for whom I am a patron.  Always busy and always working at living my best life.  

Maddy's Entry

July 24, 2019

Hi Everyone!


So the last blog I wrote was a few days before I flew with my parents to the United States! We had an amazing 4 weeks – but I am glad to be back home! The week before we went was my last week at University, so I was very busy with presentations. I finished on the Friday, went home and packed before driving to London on the Sunday ready for the 7-hour flight to New York on the Monday. 


We were in New York City for 5 days seeing all the sights. It was lovely during the day but did rain in the evenings – I think we went to Times Square 3 times and got drenched every time we went, including on the night bus tour we did! We then went up state for a friend’s wedding (and the weather was amazing!). Then the next 4 days we were in a house with the bride’s parents and 3 other couples who we didn’t know. We all got on so well and had an amazing time – we are planning next year’s reunion haha!


From NY we flew to San Francisco which was very bumpy!  We were there for a few days, seeing and smelling the seals, travelling up and down steep hills in the trams, boat trips round Alcatraz and going into the city and a spot of shopping of course! Leaving we managed to drive over the Golden Gate bridge 3 times as the sat-nav took us the wrong way!!


We spent the next several days taking in the sights of Yosemite National Park and then onto Carmel and Monterey for a spot of Whale and Dolphin watching.  Los Angeles was next on the list – and I was very looking forward to it……but it was such a disappointment! There was so much smog so we could hardly see the Hollywood Sign plus Santa Monica was really tacky. I did enjoy the Hollywood Walk of Fame and The Grammy Awards Museum. We did manage a better photo underneath the sign on our way out. 


Next on the list was VEGAS and after 6 hours (and 1 shopping trip) later we arrived in Las Vegas! Hot, hungry and tired, my body thought it would great if I fainted whilst trying to check in to the hotel! After sitting down and eating a couple of small packets of sugar that a member of staff got me, 2 security guys turned up to see what was going on. After explaining that this had happened before and that I just needed sugar to get my sugar levels up again, they still wanted me to get checked out by the paramedics. What we didn’t realise was that there is a paramedic team in every hotel in Vegas – well there has to be doesn’t there?!? (Our hotel was actually a resort with 3 hotels in it!!). The 2 paramedics were very nice and chatted to me while they made sure I was ok, they then wheeled me up to our ‘suite’ in a wheelchair!


The next day was definitely my highlight of the trip! We took a flight to the Grand Canyon and I got to be Co-Pilot with a very good looking pilot next to me! The views were amazing too!

Father’s Day was spent having brunch in one of the many restaurants in the resort and then we wondered around Vegas – it was really hot.


Our next stop was Palm Springs – again it was extremely hot and we escaped up into the mountains on the cable car to cool down.  The views were stunning, I am certainly more of a mountain girl than a city one!  Our last stop on our trip was San Diego, here we stayed with family which I had never met before. It was an amazing and relaxing 4 days before driving back to Los Angeles and having the 11-hour flight back to London.


So since I’ve been back, I’ve been getting over the jet-lag, been back coaching and diving, going to job interviews and I received my University results last week – I am pleased that I have a BA (Hons) in Sport Development and I can’t wait for graduation in October! Now I can relax, look for jobs and learn German. I have had a few celebrations already and we will be up in Manchester and Yorkshire when this blog goes out, so no doubt more celebrations with friends and family up there!    I think I need another holiday……. haha


I’m excited for the next adventure to begin!


Have a lovely Summer. 


Maddy xx

Cat's Entry

June 27, 2019

Hey everyone! 

It’s hard for me to explain what’s been happening as I write this but I’ll give it a go! If it sounds as though I’m just blurting out my thoughts, I’m sorry. 

First off, I’m finally a University graduate!! I can now say I have a law degree- how mad is that?! I’m really proud to say I achieved a classification of 2.1 with honours! Could not be prouder nor also shocked at the result. I know what pressure I put on myself to get this degree and I won’t let anyone put me down for grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I’m incredibly relieved university is over, although most of the time I enjoyed my course, I wasn’t enjoying the pressure I put myself under so you’ve no idea the weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders. 

My plans following university was (as I’m sure some people may roll their eyes) to see if I could model full time! As I’m writing this, plans have been altered massively and my head’s been spinning. I can’t really go into it much, as I really don’t want to jinx myself. I now find myself in a kind of limbo. I’m pretty scared of being an ‘adult’ and I’m worried employers won’t want me. 


My graduation day is the 10thJuly, both excited and nervous that I’ll fall flat on my face. I am excited to see my favourite people in my life, my parents, my friends and my great Uncle and Auntie. I’ve wanted more than anything to have my great Aunt and Uncle there, so I’m glad I’ll get to see them on the day!

Social media has been getting me down a lot lately. I’m becoming increasingly aware of perception and how people have a really narrow view of disability (something we all know is not the case of course). Disability is not a straightforward concept, something that is unique to each person. I sometimes can’t help but feel upset by some people in my life who think they know exactly how my disability affects me, and exactly how ‘severe’ I am. I know there’s no such thing as ‘normal’ but I have always tried my hardest to present the image that I’m okay, even if I’m not. For example, I wear heels, even if they’re killing me, and I constantly do the “DR walk” (as my mum calls it), around people, but people don’t see how much I’m struggling, both mentally and physically. Fatigue is real too, and a day or so of an activity may mean that I’m stuck in bed, or my couch, for a few days to recover. I hope one day society is more aware of hidden difficulties- both mental and physical. 

I’m so proud of my fellow ambassadors, they inspire me to keep going. To see everyone flourish in whatever they’re setting their mind to is just amazing. I constantly try to remind myself that CP is a part of me, but it’s not my defining quality.


I’ll end my entry here. I’m sorry I’m not always the best writer but I find it helpful to write (or type!) my feelings without fear of judgement.


Cat =^-^= 

Hello from new Ambassador, Georgia!

June 21, 2019

Why it was finally the Right Time to Become an Ambassador. 


Hello, I’m Georgia a new ambassador here at CP Teens UK! I’ve written a few blogs for CP Teens UK in the past; I’ve never gone forward for the ambassador role as it’s never been the right time. But, when Ellie approached me asking to be an ambassador I thought that it was finally the right time. I’ve been wanting to become an ambassador for quite a while but the last time it came up on my Facebook the timing didn’t feel right as I’d just started university so, I didn’t want to be taking too much on. Of course, I wanted to do it back in September but I had to be real with myself- I still fatigue very easily due to my Cerebral Palsy so, I had to be realistic and put my needs first. 


However, towards the end of last year, my passion for the online community grew a lot more and I wanted to do a lot more work online. I was worried that I wouldn’t have any time to write blogs and that I’d be too tired, but writing blogs was part of my winding down time and not just that, I wanted to make time to write. So, I started writing guest blogs for CP Teens UK as I wanted to build my profile up first before going straight into the deep end. Therefore, I wrote a few blogs, including my story which was put up during March, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. My love for CP Teens UK had grown and now I started going on meets ups and I started meeting all these fantastic people of which some I’d already spoken to online, and I remember coming home from my first meet up and just knowing that it was the start of something for me. See, I’ve never really had many friends with disabilities and only a few with CP, so this opportunity was great, I remember everyone sat around the table and all comparing straws and I just knew that, at that moment, that this was where I was meant to be. 

Then the sponsored wobble happened…

The sponsored wobble was just an incredible day that taught me a lot! I made friends but, being disabled wasn’t the only thing that we had in common we could just talk for hours about anything- this is when I knew that I wanted to be involved with CP Teens UK a lot more!

But there is also another reason why this opportunity came at the perfect time, I’m studying occupational therapy at university (random, I know hold on), so I had this idea of linking blogging with occupational therapy. See, I believe that I was born with Cerebral Palsy for a reason and from my previous work, I’ve realised this reason could be to create a link between the online community and occupational therapy. I study occupational therapy as I can bring to the table my personal experiences as well as professional experiences and this how blogging links into it even if this link isn’t visible yet. I’ve asked myself a lot of questions around creating this link with one of the big ones being ‘Where am I going to start?’ and therefore I’ve decided to put my idea out there because this is where I am going to start. I can’t start something without a general idea of where it’s going to go so becoming an ambassador is one of the first steps in this journey. I’m not sure how this idea will work, but I am determined to give it a try. 


So that’s how I got here, I’m looking forward to my future as an ambassador for CP Teens UK!

Thank you for reading,


Maddy's Entry

May 30, 2019

Hi Everyone,


I hope everyone is well – this weather is a nightmare, one minute cold, one minute warm!


As I write this, I am contemplating my future as this week I completed my 3 years at University - it’s scary how quick the past 3 years have gone! 


I submitted my dissertation on time – a huge relief as it was a massive struggle! I also had about 6 more assignments to complete afterwards! 


Now I can breathe and relax for a bit! I don’t know what job I will be going into or even when I will get a job. For now, the plan is to try and look for something but in the meantime I’ll be looking at more part time work coaching.  

I'd like to learn German as I'd like to work over there or Austria and will be much easier if I know the language a bit. Hopefully I may be able to do a bit of work in Austria next year -  really excited about that and ready to learn a new language!


University has been a very stressful time but I would strongly recommend it – it isn't for everyone and it is very difficult, but having been told by some teachers when I was younger that I would never go to University, here I am having completed a 3 year Honours degree!!  I have struggled a lot but I am so proud of what I have achieved. If you are thinking about going to University, then go for it! 


I have had amazing support (Student Finance gave me loads of software to help me) plus the support from University – my amazing tutor, amazing mentor and study skills tutor. If you had problems at school trying to get support, then University is completely different! Each University is probably different in what they can offer support wise (and I have been to some that weren’t helpful) but Plymouth Marjon University is amazing and I’m proud to say that I went there!


By the time this blog goes out I shall be touring round the USA with my family. We are going to New York first for a wedding and will be there in total for about 10 days.  We then fly to San Francisco and after going to Yosemite we go back to SF and travel down the coast. Some of the places we are stopping at are Carmel, Monterey and Los Angeles. From there we drive to Las Vegas for a few days and we will be taking a plane ride to the Grand Canyon which I am really looking forward to. We then have a few days relaxing and shopping in Palm Springs and finish our tour in San Diego for five days before flying home.  I think I'll need a rest when I get back!  Looking forward to my next blog and telling you all about it.


Hope you all have an amazing summer, when it eventually arrives. Bit of a dismal day here in Devon today, shame, so lovely when the sun is shining.


Maddy x

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CP Teens UK is committed to the safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults.

DISCLAIMER: This organisation & website is run by people with Cerebral Palsy, for people with Cerebral Palsy (and other disabilities). No medical experts or professionals on Cerebral Palsy, or any other disability, were involved in the making of this website.

CP Teens UK

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Proact Stadium

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