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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 20th

Sam has just turned 13-years-old and he has low tone Dystonic Cerebral Palsy affecting all 4 of his limbs. Sam's legs become tired easily meaning that he can only walk short distances and he uses a wheelchair. Sam also has Epilepsy.

Sam is a funny, adventurous young man who is always up for a laugh. Sam attends a mainstream school and is a budding athlete! His main sport is Wheelchair Racing, although he also swims and plays Wheelchair Basketball. In addition, Sam also enjoys skiing and kayaking. In Sam's spare time you'll find him training at the track, swimming, cycling, relaxing at home, gaming with his friends and drawing.

Sam hates it when people leave people out because of disability as well as the assumptions that disabled people can't do certain activities. Sam says, "with a couple of adaptations, anything is possible!".

Having friends and being included is something that is really important to Sam. He says that his racing wheelchair club is a great example of this - "I've made lots of friends and the older athletes are very inspirational".

If Sam could change one thing for other young people with physical disabilities it would be for other children and young people not to treat people with disabilities differently and for them to be accepted for who they are.

Sam says, "You've gotta roll with it!".

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