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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 26th

Bethany is 20-years-old and has Quadrilateral Cerebral Palsy. Bethany is a full-time wheelchair user, she only has full function in her left arm and she also has moderate learning difficulties. Bethany can sometimes become frustrated as she wants to do everything that everyone else is but physically this can be difficult.

Bethany loves having a cup of tea and catching up with friends and family. 

Bethany hates it when people assume that she can't follow complex conversations and therefore she gets left out. Her Mum helps Bethany by asking people to slow down and simplify their language. Bethany also says that people assume that she can stand and transfer as well as experiencing people walking in front of her like she isn't there.

Being included is really important to Bethany, as well as making friends, her dogs and people not freaking out when she becomes excited.

If Bethany could change one thing for physically disabled youngsters it would be accessibility. Bethany says, "I would like it so we weren't told 'no' there is no ramp or changing table. A lot of society see disabled people as being able to go to the toilet with rails, as well as being able to try clothes on etc. So when wheelchairs and incontinence gets in the way of having a nice family meal out or a day out, I feel I can't go because it causes a lot of stress and I don't like having to explain my situation".

In Bethany's free time you will find her baking with her Mum, shopping and listening to music. Bethany also enjoys printing out pictures to colour in.

In the future Bethany hopes to study more things at college, especially with animals or computers.

Bethany says, "Drink tea!".

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