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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 19th

Chloe is 24-years-old and has Spastic Diaplegic Cerebral Palsy, which affects her legs meaning that she uses a walker to help her walk.

Chloe has a full-time job, she drives a car and spends a lot of time having fun with her friends & family. Chloe says, "Whilst my disability is a part of my identity and is something that I'd never change, I am also much more than the label that is attached to me as a result of having a disability". If Chloe could change one thing for other young people with physical disabilities it would be for people to know that whilst a physical disability is part of someone's identity, it doesn't define them and they're capable of achieving many things!

Chloe hates it when people assume that she wouldn't be living an incredibly happy life and assume she doesn't have certain things that other people her age routinely have such as a job, a degree and the ability to drive a car.

Family & friends, independence and her job are all extremely important to Chloe, she says that they allow her to "live the life that I do, full of all the things I love the most!".

In Chloe's free time you'll find her spending time with her family & friends, going to the theatre and music concerts and swimming - she is currently training for the Superhero Tri Series later this year!

In the future Chloe hopes to see equal opportunities for disabled people in all areas of life and also to see an increasing number of disabled people in the media as well as high profile positions. Chloe wants to see these not as one offs, but as normal and everyday occurrences.

Chloe says, "If you put your mind to anything that you dream, with hard work and determination you can achieve it!"

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