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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 24th

Katie is 16-years old and has whole body Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy. Katie's speech is also affected by her Cerebral Palsy. The right side of Katie's body is more effected than her left side and she uses a wheelchair as well as a walker.

Katie can become fatigued easily and she takes different medications to help with her Cerebral Palsy.

Katie says, "Just because I am physically disabled it doesn't mean I don't understand! Don't just look at my wheelchair!". Katie hates it when people talk over her and also when people assume that she has learning disabilities because she has a physical disability.

If Katie could change one thing for other physically disabled youngsters it would be schooling. Katie says, "I would make mainstream schooling more inclusive rather than putting physically disabled children with children who have learning problems and for special schools to realise the same! I have experienced both mainstream and special school and I felt isolated in both". Katie is now home-schooled having missed out on several years of her education.

In her free time, you'll find Katie listening to Olly Murs! Katie is also currently trying to find a suitable sport in her area to participate in and is hoping to start Boccia and Boxing soon.

In the future, Katie hopes to help other children with Cerebral Palsy. She says, "I have to face so much rubbish sometimes with funding for carers, hospital appointments, getting wheelchairs etc. - I would like to help others so they don't have to go through this alone".

Katie is known by her family for saying "at the end of the day...!", so Katie's advice to others is when she's feeling down she says to herself, "at the end of the day Katie, if you're feeling down, put on your headphones and listen to Olly Murs!".

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