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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 9th

Jonathan is 14-years-old and has Choreo-Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. As the Author of 'Eye Can Write' and the Founder of the charity 'Teach Us Too', Jonathan has already achieved a lot in his young life.

Jonathan says: 

"Like a monster trapped in my frame, cerebral palsy pulls my muscles tight then lets go of the ropes, watching me flop forward; and laughs.  It’s a throwing it’s head back sort of laugh, which echoes in my mind. Snatching the words from my mouth, mixing the sounds in my ears, and frustrating the tastes for my tongue, cerebral palsy grew fat and powerful in my early years; often building itself a celebratory bonfire to roast marshmallows under my skin.  


But its complacency became its nemesis; it hadn’t gained enough control over my eyes.  So, with my eyes I can speak of its torture.  Although like a wounded villain it is now intent on wreaking the most havoc – rolling my eyes out of view, yanking me tight and vibrating the wires, it saps all my energy to use for its own.  Knowing its end is in sight it has nothing to lose. For the most important part of me has been locked from the monster forever; and however hard he has stamped and built fires on it and even stroked it, he cannot gain access to my soul. And he knows, and I know, that my soul is being called back to Jesus’ garden where no monsters have ever been."

Jonathan is passionate about every child being taught to read and write despite their educational label. Jonathan hates it when it is assumed that non-verbal people should be treated like toddlers. He says he is "outraged when those same assumptions mean that many non-verbal children like me are not taught to read or write".

In Jonathan's free time you will find him baking, writing, reading, listening to classical music, playing Lego, teasing his sisters and seeking solace with his dog!

Jonathan says, "Live life in all its fullness!".

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