Ella & Tiffany


Laura & Ellie

A CP Teens UK Friendship

When CP Teens UK Founder, Ellie, first launched CP Teens UK in 2013, the first teenager to contact the organisation, Laura, who was 19 at the time, spoke to Ellie online for a number of weeks before it came apparent that Laura attended the same University that Ellie was planning on going to the following September.

The pair met up in Sheffield city centre soon after and the rest they say is history! Ellie & Laura have been close friends ever since and see one another often.

Laura said, "Meeting Ellie through CP Teens UK has been great - we have had so many amazing memories from athletics training to being on the news together! CP Teens UK has given me the opportunity meet so many people who have the same disability as me, which has helped me massively and it has been great to see how far the charity has grown. Ellie is an amazing friend and I hope that others are given the opportunity to build friendships just like ours!"

Ellie said, "I'm so glad I met Laura! Not only is she one of my best friends, I really wasn't sure about going to University and Laura gave me that confidence to go as she was already there and doing it! It also makes it extra special that Laura was the first ever teenager to get in touch with CP Teens UK"

Jabe & Fran

A CP Teens Friendship

When Jabe & Fran met through CP Teens UK, they found a special friendship. Here is their story told by Fran:

"CP Teens UK is a support network, but it is also a way of making new friends. When I first joined CP Teens in February 2016, I was looking to make new friends that would understand the struggles of having Cerebral Palsy, so I made a post on the Chat Group to introduce myself to everyone. This led to me becoming best friends with a boy called Jabe, because he replied to the post, messaged me and we clicked. He later become my boyfriend and we've been dating for almost a year now. I can honestly say CP Teens UK has changed my life forever because it's how I met Jabe and I have made a lot of other great friends. I'm so glad I joined CP Teens UK!"

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Ella & Tiffany

A CP Teens UK Friendship

When Ella & Tiffany started University in September 2015, they were put in touch with one another through CP Teens UK! 

CP Teens UK Founder, Ellie, went to the same school as Tiffany. Ella was one of the first people to get in touch with CP Teens UK and was also one of the first Ambassadors. When both girls received their A Level results and University places, Ellie realised that they were off to the same University. Not only this, they appeared to be on the exact same course!

CP Teens UK put the girls in touch immediately over the summer prior to the girls starting University in the September. Ella & Tiffany have been close friends ever since and are about to start their final year at University together!

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