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CP Teens Stories

The real life stories of CP Teens UK

"Because of CP Teens UK, I now feel more confident and no longer alone..." 

Specially Equipped Van

Hannah, age 16

I  have made some amazing friends thanks to CP Teens UK. I feel accepted. My confidence has really grown & I feel happier.

Paint eggs

Caroline, parent

Will has massively benefited from CP Teens UK. Before he got involved, he was almost ashamed about having a disability. CP Teens UK has given him 'his tribe'. His confidence has soared, as well as his acceptance.

Cam, age 24

I  believe that the work of Ellie and the team at CP Teens UK do ensure that children and young people with Cerebral Palsy are given the opportunity to engage with other young people like them



Molly has Cerebral Palsy and has participated in many CP Teens UK initiatives. In March 2022, Molly attended the CP Teens UK 'Have A Go' Sports Day in Sheffield. Molly came with her parents & tried Frame Running.

Molly said, "I tried really hard and my Mum & Dad were really taken aback by it!". Molly's parents thought it could be a great form of exercise for her, whilst providing a new pastime & opportunities for independent walking.


Molly's parents managed to secure funding for a running frame of her very own thanks to a very generous firefighter charity local to the family.


Molly received her running frame in September 2022 & hasn't looked back since! Molly said, "My Mum and Dad can’t believe how quickly I’ve taken to it, I’ve even picked up some speed and I have used my bell and hand brake a little. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the experience and introducing me to Frame Running CP Teens UK, you are truly inspirational."


Molly's Mum said, "If it wasn't for CP Teens UK and your amazing event this wouldn’t have happened for Molly".



Rebekah is 21-years-old and has Cerebral Palsy. Rebekah first got involved with CP Teens UK when she decided to join 'Chit & Chat' - our online fortnightly social sessions. Ever since, Rebekah has joined in with so many CP Teens UK initiatives and says she "doesn't know where I'd be without CP Teens!".

Rebekah said, "I've made so many friends and the annual Ball is my favourite - it's the best night ever!".

From London Zoo, to dancing at the Ball, to chatting away from the sofa on 'Chit & Chat', Rebekah said, "I have taken part in so many great events! Here is to many more amazing events! Well done CP Teens UK & Ellie, you do an amazing job."

Fran & Georgia

Fran & Georgia both have Cerebral Palsy & they met through CP Teens UK online. From here, they became friends on social media and decided to meet up. 

Fran said that having Cerebral Palsy meant that she can feel socially isolated, but since making friends through CP Teens UK, she "no longer feels alone".


When Fran & Georgia met in person, the BBC captured the moment.



Tobias is 11-years-old and has Cerebral Palsy & Autism. In 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit, CP Teens UK were delighted to loan Tobias one of our Frame Runners in order to enable him to complete his second marathon challenge of lockdown.

Tobias, who was inspired by Captain Tom Moore, had already completed an incredible marathon using his walker and walking up & down his street every day.

Onto his second marathon challenge on our 'CP Teens green' running frame, Tobias captured the nation and raised over £100,000 for his special school and Sheffield Children's Hospital. He has since completed an Iron Man challenge and has been honoured with a Pride of Britain award.

Tobias said, "I am chuffed to bits!"

CP Teens UK Founder, Ellie, said, "This is exactly why we fundraise so hard to provide Frame Runners as a small part of what CP Teens does. Frame Runners can give individuals options that they never thought were possible, freedom, independence and a true sense of achievement - which I think Tobias has shown!"


Teenager Portrait

Charlotte is 19-years-old. She has Cerebral Palsy & an hearing impairment. When Charlotte was around 13-years-old, she started to struggle socially as a result of he disability.


Charlotte's Mum, Jane, said, "Charlotte has Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy as well as difficulties with her hearing. When she turned 13-14, she was struggling to fit in more with her able-bodied peers due to her disability. I did some Googling and I discovered CP Teens UK.

I signed up Charlotte straight away to 'CP Teens UK Chat'. Through this service she's met a couple of wonderful friends who share Charlotte's struggles. I also took Charlotte to one of the CP Teens UK 'Social Series' which was fantastic - she met new friends who immediately 'got her' over a pizza and a game of bowling, all funded by CP Teens UK.

I am now looking at attending the annual CP Teens UK Ball with Charlotte and my partner. Thank you CP Teens UK for helping Charlotte's confidence and self-esteem, and for giving her much needed friendships!"



Matt is 24-years-old and has Quadriplegic Dystonia, which is similar to Cerebral Palsy, as a result of an Acquired Brain Injury when he was 10-years-old.

Matt first got involved with CP Teens UK when he was 16-years-old when he joined CP Teens UK Frame Running sessions.

Matt was a very under-confident, shy young man who had to be very much persuaded to join in with CP Teens UK. His Mum, Sarah, managed to persuade Matt to come to the inaugural CP Teens UK Ball in 2015, which was the turning point for Matt.

Ever since, Matt has been a constant figure in CP Teens UK, he has grown in confidence, he is now an Ambassador showing the way for other youngsters like him, and he even spoke so confidently at the 2022 CP Teens UK Ball via his AAC device about his journey.

In 2020, Matt made history by being the first person to Frame Run the London Marathon. Matt has also run 10k's and half marathons on his Frame Runner for CP Teens UK.

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