CP Teens UK is passionate about helping to get people with Cerebral Palsy & similar disabilities into sport. CP Teens UK Founder, Ellie, knows how difficult it can be to find the right opportunities in sport unless you have the right contacts. CP Teens UK works hard to break down the access barriers to sport. As a Sport Development with Coaching student, CP Teens UK founder Ellie wants to make the opportunities out there that are in sport widely available to every disabled person out there, rather than them only being available to the 'lucky' few.


CP Teens UK helps everyone who wants to get into sport to find the right opportunity for them in their area, from grassroot levels to potentially international & elite levels.


Please use the following information & links. Email office@cpteensuk.org or ellie@cpteensuk.org if you require a bit more help & advice on how to access the right sporting opportunity for you.