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  • How do I/my child join CP Teens UK?
    There is no membership system or process at CP Teens UK - you simply just sign up to each event/activity you wish to attend/participate in. You can do this via the interactive calendar on the Events page. Think of it as similar to 'Pay As You Go', although the vast majority of our events & activities are either free or partially funded. The only service we do operate a semi-membership system for is our Chat Group - this is membership via your Facebook account. More information can be found here.
  • Do you operate UK wide?
    We operate in England, Scotland & Wales. CP Teens UK is open to all children, youngsters & beyond with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities in these three nations. Due to our tiny, family-run infrastructure and our reliance on volunteers, we can't always put on 'in-person' events & activities on everywhere where there is a need and demand. We try our very best to deliver events & activities wherever we can to achieve a good geographical spread. However, all of our online services & online community are available wherever you are in England, Scotland or Wales, and our Annual Ball takes place in the centre of England to give people roughly the same distance to travel whether they are in the south, north, east or west!
  • I/my child wants to come to the Ball - can I/they come alone?
    Unfortunately, for safeguarding reasons, all under-18's and/or those requiring support MUST attend with a ticketed parent, carer or PA. The Ball is a family-friendly event & has something for all ages. The Ball is open to the general public. The ticket pricing for people with a physical disability is reduced by 50% to reflect the requirement of having to attend with at least a +1.
  • Do you supply grants to individuals?
    No, sorry! We exist to facilitate opportunities and social outlets to youngsters with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities, and it is not in our governing document to allow financial awards & grants to individuals. We act for the benefit of people with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities as a whole.
  • Do you do regular Frame Running (RaceRunning) sessions?
    Unfortunately we no longer do regular weekly sessions due to a lack of volunteers. However, we have Frame Running equipment for people to try out, we attend sport taster days and we are more than happy to advise and answer any questions on Frame Running. We also work closely with CP Sport on Frame Running opportunities, both individual opportunities and groups.
  • I/my child would like to become a CP Teens UK Ambassador - can I/they apply?
    Ambassadors for CP Teens UK are selected, i.e. it is not a role you can apply for. All of our Ambassadors are selected from our service users who regularly attend our events and are active in spreading the values of CP Teens UK, as well as supporting others with physical disabilities at CP Teens UK events and across our network and being fantastic role models.
  • I am a teacher and I have a student with Cerebral Palsy/physical disability - can you help?
    Yes, we can help regarding supporting your student to network with other people with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities, helping them feel less alone in their struggles and encouraging them to attend & participate in our events and activities. However, we cannot support and help with their education, accessing the curriculum etc. Please contact your SENCO for any matters, queries or concerns within the curriculum and school environment.
  • Can you give any professional advice in any areas relating to Cerebral Palsy & physical disability?
    No, sorry! Although we can talk from our own personal experiences of living with and alongside disability, as well as connecting people with others who have similar challenges, we are not qualified to give any professional advice in any area. We exist to predominately provide social outlets, recreation and opportunities.
  • My son/daughter is under 18-years-old - can they attend CP Teens UK events & activities alone?
    No, sorry. Whilst we recognise that a CP Teens UK event or activity might seem like a good, 'safe space' for your child to have independent time, unfortunately our policies and insurance do not allow us to have under 18's without a parent/guardian/carer.
  • I/my son/daughter is 18-years-old or over but I/they have support needs - can I/they attend CP Teens UK events & activities alone?
    No, sorry. Due to our small, volunteer-led infrastructure, we cannot provide support or care to any service users. Whilst we are more than happy to help with minimal tasks, such as carrying bags, supporting you/your son/daughter to order food etc., we cannot support anything that involves personal care and/or specific training, e.g. toileting, hoisting, medication, feeding, epilepsy etc. If you/your son/daughter require help with personal care or anything that requires specific training you/they must attend with a parent, carer or PA.
  • I/my child is not physically disabled - can they get involved with CP Teens UK?
    Sorry, no. Whilst we are inclusive of all disabilities & needs, you/your child must predominantly have a physical disability to be able to access our services.
  • I/my child is struggling with their mental health as a direct result of their disability - can you help?
    Unfortunately we are not qualified to offer or provide mental health support. Your/your child's GP should be your first point of call to access mental health support, or in a crisis 111 or Samaritans, or 999 if you feel that your/your child's life is in immediate danger. However, we do find that connecting and engaging with people who have similar challenges, and joining in and attending CP Teens UK's events can greatly improve and boost young people's mental health and greatly reduce their sense of isolation and being alone.
  • Do you have a safeguarding policy?
    Yes. CP Teens UK takes its duty to safeguard children, young people & vulnerable adults, as well as our volunteer staff members, very seriously. All of our trustees and volunteer staff members are safeguarding trained and are enhanced DBS checked. A copy of the CP Teens UK safeguarding policy is available upon request.
  • My/my child's identity has to be protected - can I/they join in with CP Teens UK safely?
    Yes. We fully recognise that there are youngsters who cannot be identified. No information is ever shared, other than in exceptional safeguarding circumstances (e.g. if we feel that a youngster or vulnerable adult is not safe), with other organisations on you/your child without your/parental permission. Photos are never published onto the CP Teens UK website or official social media without a completed and signed Photographic & Media Consent Form. Only first names are published onto the CP Teens UK website and official social media. First names will not be used if requested.
  • I am a student - can I use CP Teens UK and your service users/families to facilitate my research?
    Whilst we massively value the potential benefits of research on the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities, due to the sheer number of research requests we get per month, we have had to put a draw system into place. On the last Friday of every month, all research requests that have come in from the 1st of the month will be put into a hat and one will be drawn at random. We know that this will be frustrating for students, but we have to put our service users and their families first, and they were becoming unhappy with the number of participation requests.
  • I am an organisation or individual wanting CP Teens UK to share/advertise my initiative or event - can I contact you?
    Whilst we understand the value of sharing initiatives & events of other organisations/individuals that are relevant to our service users & their families, unfortunately we have a strict policy that we only share initiatives & events that CP Teens UK deliver or are partnered with. This is due to safeguarding & insurance reasons. Please do not contact CP Teens UK asking for your own initiative/event to be shared, distributed or advertised.
  • Are there any paid members of staff at CP Teens UK?
    No. All of our staff members are entirely voluntary staff members. This means that 100% of money raised goes straight back into providing 'help, hope, inspiration & friendship'.
  • Are all volunteer staff members DBS checked and trained?
    Absolutely, yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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