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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2020, March 1st

Matheus is 8-years old and has Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy as a result of being premature. Matheus's Cerebral Palsy means that his balance and coordination affected, meaning that simple tasks are much harder for him. Matheus is not able to sit, stand, feed, walk or meet his basic needs independently.

Matheus's Mum says that he is "the most determined, cheeky, messy and loving 8-year-old you could ever meet!". Matheus is an easy-going person who is always happy and smiling. 

Matheus is an intelligent young boy who understands everything that is being said to him and he loves to interact with people.

Matheus has no learning disabilities - he says he really doesn't like it when people assume that he's got a learning disability because of having a physical disability. Matheus says that he "gets very disappointed when people don't give me time to answer or to do something". He also says that he is "completely sad when people do not let me join in on activities or leave me out because I'm a wheelchair user". Matheus also finds it "irritating" when people baby him as a result of his physical disability.


Things that are important to Matheus are:

- Family & friends

- People to chat to

- A social life

- Being included

- People who trust me in my abilities and those who give me challenges

- People who don't see me as a baby

Matheus says, "Never give up, if you fall over, smile and try and try again! Always believe in yourself - you are always able to do everything in your own way and time."

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