That no person with a physical disability feels socially isolated and can access opportunities that are out there for them. 


The promotion of social inclusion among young people with physical disabilities who are socially excluded from society, or parts of society, as a result of their disability by: 


​1.   Providing connections & friendships for young people with a range

      of physical disabilities as part of a monitored and supportive    



2.   Providing help, support & advice for young people with physical         disabilities, and their families


3.   Providing workshops, forums, advocacy and general support

4.   Providing recreational facilities and opportunities for young

      people with physical disabilities



To provide help, hope, inspiration & friendship for children and young people with physical disabilities.

  • Encouragement - everyone is encouraged and supported to get involved

  • Respect - everyone is respected and can make their voice be heard

  • Togetherness - working together and partnerships are key

  • Inspiration - to inspire and to be role models to one another