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Refundable deposits

Our refundable deposit policy applies to the majority of our un-ticketed events & activities. Here's why...


At CP Teens UK, wherever possible we like to make our events & activities either free or at a reduced cost from the full amount. Unfortunately, by making an event or activity free or a reduced cost, we occasionally experienced 'no shows'. This was using charity money on resources & spaces that were not being used. By charging a refundable deposit, this cuts down on 'no shows' and charity money being wasted.



Yes. You will get the full amount you paid for the deposit upon attending the event/activity back.



Yes (excluding Chit & Chat, Chat & Chill and Peer Support). It costs money for us to put on workshops, speakers etc. on our online interactive platform and if people don't join who have registered, charity money is wasted.



A refundable deposit amount will be worked out in relation to each individual event/activity. Please check each individual event/activity when you are signing up.

Please help us by paying your refundable deposit as soon as possible once you have registered for an event/activity. We tend to implement a 48-hour payment 'window' in order to make it as fair as possible for everyone, especially as some events are in high demand. The 'payment window' will be stated at point of registration. Paying your refundable deposit will secure your place and enable us to put on a best experience as possible for you!



All the boring bits!

Under 18's & those requiring support

Under-18's and those requiring support (toileting, feeding, moving & handling, Epilepsy etc.) MUST attend with a parent/guardian/carer/PA - we do not offer respite services.


Whilst we recognise that a CP Teens UK event or activity might seem like a good, 'safe space' for your child to have independent time, unfortunately our policies and insurance do not allow us to have under 18's without a parent/guardian/ carer.

Due to our small, volunteer-led infrastructure, we cannot provide support or care to any service users. Whilst we are more than happy to help with minimal tasks, such as carrying bags, supporting you/your son/daughter to order food etc., we cannot support anything that involves personal care and/or specific training, e.g. toileting, hoisting, medication, feeding, epilepsy etc. If you/your son/daughter require help with personal care or anything that requires specific training you/they must attend with a parent, carer or PA.

Free Packages & kits for online & virtual events

Throughout the year, CP Teens UK puts on online/virtual events where free packages & kits are sent out to people, e.g. No Bangs Bonfire Night - a free pamper package is sent out.

By receiving a free package/kit, you agree to feedback by the given date stated in your information email. This is usually up to 48-hours after the online/virtual event has took place.


Feedback can be in the form of a photo(s), video(s) and/or quote(s) either sent to or to the official CP Teens UK Facebook page.


If we do not hear from you, we will record this & this will effect your eligibility to receive free packages from us in the future. We are a small charity with limited funds so we cannot send out free packages to individuals who do not engage. Our policy for this is as follows:

  • If you fail to engage 3 times in a period of 18-months, we will stop sending free packages to you for a period of 12-months

  • After this 12-months, your record will be wiped clean & you will be eligible to receive free packages & kits from CP Teens UK again

Individuals requiring 2-to-1 support

At CP Teens UK we recognise that some individuals will require 2-to-1 support.

Our standard policy for the majority of our events & initiatives is to fund a +1 OR to reduce the price of the 'CP Teen' to make it as fair as possible for those who don't require support (please see below 'Cut Price Tickets' policy).

If you/your child require 2-to-1 support, we can consider funding an additional carer on a case-by-case basis.

Typically, we would fund an additional carer if any of the following apply to you/your child:

  • Moving & handling needs that cannot be undertaken by one person 

  • Toileting needs that cannot be supported by one person

  • Serious health/medical conditions that require 2-to-1 for safety reasons

Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis & we may ask for proof to support your application.

Applications can be made at the point of registration for each event.

Cut-price tickets for ticketed events

Some of our events are open to the public as they are fundraising events for CP Teens UK, e.g. the CP Teens UK Ball and CP Teens UK Quiz Nights. This means that they are ticketed, i.e. you have to buy a ticket(s) to attend.

'CP Teens' are very welcome to attend ticketed events & purchase tickets, especially the Ball where elements of the event are dedicated to our 'CP Teens', including the Pre-Ball Party & wheelchair dancing on the dance floor!

At our ticketed events, we usually reduce the cost of the tickets for 'CP Teens' up to 50%. Instead of discounting +1/carer tickets (as this is not fair to some of our youngsters who are over the age of 18 & do not have or require a carer) we discount the 'CP Teens' tickets instead.

By discounting the 'CP Teens' tickets instead of discounting a carer, everyone gets the same benefit & you will still end up paying the same as you would if the +1/carer ticket was discounted, e.g. £15 'CP Teen' ticket & a £30 'standard' ticket for a +1/carer, is the same as a full price £30 'CP Teen' ticket & a discounted £15 ticket for a +1/carer. 


As the aim of the fundraising events is to raise money for CP Teens UK & and they are aimed at the general public, everyone attending is required to purchase a ticket.

personal emergency evacuation plans (peep's)

For all of our events & initiatives that take place in a venue that it is not on ground floor level, including the annual CP Teens UK Ball, we need to put safety measures & plans in place prior to you/your child attending to ensure the safe evacuation of all attendees/ guests in the unlikely event of an emergency.

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan will be drawn up for you/your child for the specific event/building in conjunction with yourself. To enable us to draw up your/your child's PEEP, we require information and therefore dialogue with yourself about your/ your child's physical capabilities in relation to an evacuation scenario. This is usually done via an online questionnaire followed by clarification questions (if required) & your signed approval via email.

You have the right to refuse a PEEP, however if the CP Teens UK Board of Trustees feel that they are unable to safely manage your/your child's evacuation in the unlikely event of emergency with just a GEEP (General Emergency Evacuation Plan) either through lack of information and/or knowledge of the individual's physical capabilities, or because a GEEP wouldn't be sufficient enough to manage the safe & timely evacuation of the individual and/or this would impact on the safety of others, then CP Teens UK reserves the right to refuse entry to the specific event to the individual on the basis of health & safety.

All places/tickets to events that take place above ground floor level are subject to PEEP's/GEEP's being in place for those with disabilities and reduced/no mobility, including the CP Teens UK Annual Ball. If this vital health & safety requirement is unable to be put in place because you do not engage in the process and work with us, you will be refunded & you will be unable to attend.

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