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Overwhelmed by 'hits'!

When I log onto my website designer, the first thing I see is a graph, which shows me how many visits/hits I get a day on CP Teens UK. Today, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The numbers on the side of the graph (I did know the technical term back in the days of GCSE Maths and Science!) were reaching 1,000 to 1,500! Now, usually on a good day CP Teens UK receives about 250 'unique' visits a day, so to be now reaching 1,000 to 1,500 is incredible!

This week I decided to give my makeup bag a well-needed sort out (sorry boys, you're not going to find this bit interesting!). People always ask me, with an element of shock to their tone of voice, 'do you do your makeup yourself Ellie?!', and the answer is most definitely a YES! I know it's a bit bizarre how I can't pour a drink but I can do all of my own makeup ... I don't get it either, CP likes to confuse me! But, I most definitely do it all myself and I actually find it not too difficult, unless someone decides to watch me and then my eyes really do fear for their lives! I really enjoy doing my own makeup, and I hate saying this because I think it's an awful saying/word, but I like doing it because it's a 'normal' (grr!) everyday, girly task! I don't even know if adapted makeup brushes etc. even exist, but even if they did, I would still pick up the same stuff from Boots, Superdrug etc. and MAC when the old bank account isn't too bare (I LOVE Mac!) because I can use this makeup without any problems and I enjoy using it! It's like anything, when I started out doing my makeup, I was absolutely terrible at it and a 'clown with 2 black eyes' springs to mind! But, as I did it more and more, I got better and better. I suppose you could even compare it to physio and walking; the more I did the 'walking action' and physio when learning to walk, the better it became. I don't know if I'm talking rubbish here, but I've heard that it's almost like reconnecting the damaged paths in your brain; you can't do something as the messages to your legs/arms etc. cannot get through down the damaged paths, but by doing something repeatedly, you start to make new paths for the messages to get through. I probably am talking rubbish!

As I said last week, for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, I'll be tweeting a fact about me and my CP on the CP Teens UK Twitter. I said that I would post all 31 facts at the end of the month on a blog entry. However, as loads of people have tweeted me to say how interesting they are finding the facts, I thought I'd give you the first 12 tweeted facts of the month now!...

Fact #1 - I have Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which affects my feet, legs and walking, arms, my hand function and my speech. Fact #2 - I have one leg longer than the other. Because of my CP, I weight bear strangely & this caused one leg to grow longer. Fact #3 - I was starved of oxygen at my birth, which caused my Cerebral Palsy Fact #4 - I drink everything through a straw because of my Cerebral Palsy, even cups of tea! Fact #5 - I used to walk with a walker but gradually worked towards my unaided walking that I have today. Fact #6 - I occasionally use a wheelchair, especially for long distances or long periods of standing. Fact #7 - I don't have a foot arch in my right foot. Fact #8 - For years I wore a 'corset' type thing to bring my bum in line with my body (funny I know!) and to straighten me up. Fact #9 - Part of my brain damage that gives me my CP also gives me an amazing long term memory but a poor short term memory! Fact #10 - I was one of the first children to trial a lycra 'bodysuit' for the NHS. It didn't work for me, I cried on the final fitting! Haha Fact #11 - My back is in a slight 'S' shape ... because who needs a straight back?! Fact #12 - A&E have seen me quite a lot due to CP related accidents & illnesses! I've cracked my head open & CP makes asthma extra spectacular!

I have asked for guest bloggers on both Facebook and Twitter, and people do come forward and say, 'oh, I'll do it!', but unfortunately when I follow it up and say 'thank you very much, yes please!', I don't hear from them! So, unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I've not got a guest blogger again. But, I will continue to ask and search!

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