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Short & sweet!

I know this week's blog is very late, apologies! Not only that, it is going to be short and sweet. This is because on Thursday, as most of you know, I sent out a questionnaire for all of you to fill in about CP Teens UK. You all spoke up and gave your opinion, and thank you so much to every single one of you; it does mean a lot and all of you said truly amazing things, which did bowl me over! The whole point of the questionnaire was so I can improve CP Teens UK based on whatyou want. So, now the 'results' are in, I now need to go away and work on the website! Hence why this week's blog is late and short & sweet! You probably won't see changes straight away, but then again, you might! It depends what myself & Jared (my partner in crime for website changes!) plan/create/put into action etc. So, watch this space! And if you're missing my usual blogging this week, I actually guest blogged for Independent Living this week, which you can read here... And, if you didn't fill in the questionnaire, but you feel you want to, that can be done here...

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