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It's been a while!

Hello again! Firstly, apologies for the delay and for how long the website has been offline for. As you can see, it has a slightly new look, but it's nowhere near finished, so withhold judgement for the time being ... it's still very much working progress! I was just very conscious about getting back online and blogging again! I'm still working busily behind the scenes on all of your wishes, thoughts, comments etc. so bear with me! Saturday is my first ever athletics competition, it's come around quickly! I'm both excited and nervous, and I'm actually quite excited to meet other people; there will be other people in the F32 category (the category I was classified into based on my disability/type of Cerebral Palsy) so it will be interesting to see how similar our Cerebral Palsy is, especially as no 2 cases of CP are the same! Something got me thinking the other day, and maybe it is something that you may all start to discuss on Twitter. The phrase 'the elderly and the disabled' ... now I don't want to offend anyone here at all, and I think the elder generation are fantastic; they have so many interesting stories and age is no barrier to friendship in my opinion at all. But, is it always appropriate to 'lump' us together? Give @CPTeensUK a tweet to share your opinion. Short and sweet again I know, apologies! I need to continue working on the website!

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