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It's 'World CP Day'!

Today, Wednesday 1st October 2014, is 'World Cerebral Palsy Day'! I should probably be wearing green, but I'll admit, I don't have one single green item in my wardrobe! Lets face it though, I probably spread enough 'Cerebral Palsy awareness' on a day-to-day basis through stupid things like falling over my own feet ... I think I probably, without even trying or intending to, spread the message that people with Cerebral Palsy tend to fall over!

One thing I have learned because of World CP Day is that there are 17 million people with Cerebral Palsy worldwide, which I thought was quite a cool & interesting fact!


I'm getting more into the swing of University now, and I'm not so tired this week! I am disciplining myself to have 'early', well earlier, nights, which for a night owl like me is easier said than done. I know I am a 'fresher' and I am meant to go out all night and turn up to lectures 'hanging', but being realistic and sensible (me and the word 'sensible' don't usually go together!), I just wouldn't be able to physically do it, and I have also got to take into account training. I always have a 'rule', which most people find hilarious - if I don't know if it's the alcohol or the Cerebral Palsy causing the physical issues, I'm in trouble! So, I don't want to turn up to University 'hanging'! However, that doesn't mean I'm totally boring, I do make up for it at the weekends! Come 7pm on Friday evenings, when I walk out of training, the bottles are lined up waiting for me!

I had my first lecture last Thursday, and it was really interesting, which was a relief - that might sound a bit weird but, I spent so long agonising over lots of things, like whether or not university was the right choice for me? Have I chosen the right subject area?... I have never studied sport before in my life, it's only in the past 18 months that I've become heavily involved in Paralympic sport but as an athlete, not on the studying side of things. Have I chosen the right course?... There were a lot of choices, and even though I was delighted to be offered 3 different places on 3 different courses, it didn't make my decision easy! But so far, I'm confident I'm in the right place for me, so I am one up on my A-Levels where I didn't make good choices!


Yesterday, I went to see the Orthopediac (I really can't spell it, even after 19 years!) surgeon, and to cut a long story short, it was agreed that my legs are definitely different lengths, but we don't know how much by ... you'd think in this day and age, we would be able to measure a leg lenth difference! I've got following appointments to sort this out (because I love sitting in hospitals on my days off University... not!). As per, my hips were pulled into positions that I didn't even know were humanely possible! He put my hips into the position of an able-bodied person and jokingly said 'ah, that's what 'normal' hips feel like!' ... I sat there thinking, I literally feel like one of those super models who walk sticking their bum out as far as they can, I prefer my way!

On Sunday, it is the 'Sponsored Wobble', the first ever fundraising event for CP Teens UK. T-shirts are at the ready, and these can actully be purchased for £14.50. Next week, I'll obviously be blogging about the Sponsored Wobble, which will include photos of the t-shirts. I'm so excited about the Sponsored Wobble, and it'll also be fantastic to celebrate the 1st birthday of CP Teens UK (17th October)!

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