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Happy 1st Birthday CP Teens UK!

Today, Friday 17th October 2014, is CP Teens UK's 1st birthday! I can't believe it's been a year since I hit that 'publish' button to launch the website and what a year it has been! Here are some of the highlights for CP Teens UK:

- Featuring in The Sheffield Star

- Featuring in The Derbyshire Times

- Being a feature on Sheffield Children's Hospital's website and social media

- Connecting teenagers & young people with Cerebral Palsy in person across the UK, with the

first being myself, Laura & Josh meeting up in Sheffield City Centre

- Relaunching the website this April, which is the website you see now, and having a logo,

which gave CP Teens UK a true identity

- Gaining over 1,500 followers on Twitter and over 500 on Facebook

- Having the support of famous followers, including Sophie Christiansen, Francesca Martinez,

Hannah Cockroft, Fiona Phillips and Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies

- Starting on the road to charity status and holding the 'Sponsored Wobble' - the first ever

fundraising event for CP Teens UK and over 50 people attended (total raised to be totaled

this Sunday!)

- 'Recruiting' 11 lovely Ambassadors for CP Teens UK

- Featuring on BBC Radio Sheffield & Look North ... more on this now!...

So, how is CP Teens UK's 1st birthday being celebrated?! Well, believe it or not, in the public eye in the North Derbyshire and Yorkshire region! For those of you who follow on Facebook & Twitter, you will know that yesterday, I was on BBC Radio Sheffield! I really don't know how I get myself into such things! And more to the point, I can't believe I actually did it ... I am the girl who won't even order her own food in a restaurant, nor speak to groups of people of 5 or 6+! So, the fact that I spoke on the radio for 20 minutes is absolutely crazy ... pigs were actually flying all over the city! But, as I said on the CP Teens UK Facebook page, I wanted to do it for all of you and to spread awareness. I felt by going on the radio, that maybe, I could reach out to others who have Cerebral Palsy, or other disabilities for that matter, and provide a bit of an extra confidence boost!

Laura also came along for moral support! I was hoping for the interview to focus more on CP Teens UK, but unfortunately, most of the questions were about me ... and I hate talking about myself! But, I suppose awareness was still being spread!


And, if there wasn't enough excitement with BBC Radio Sheffield, CP Teens UK is also having a feature on Look North (Yorkshire)! This feature will concentrate on CP Teens UK, and a little on me. We met this morning to discuss how it is going to be done, and it looks like a TV crew will be following me around in the next couple of weeks ... cringe! They're even filming me at University (provided the University give their permission) ... that's it, just draw even more attention to myself, me and my army of TV crew in lecture theatres! But, it's all in the name of CP Teens UK so let's do this!

So, I think it's fair to say that, thanks to North Derbyshire & Yorkshire's media, combined with the success of the 'Sponsored Wobble', and your continued support (loving all your 'Happy Birthday' tweets!), CP Teens UK is having a fantastic 1st birthday!

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