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Who we support

Something for everyone from early years to 25 and beyond


'Help, hope, inspiration & friendship' for children, young people & beyond with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities 


Our core age-group

Our core age group at CP Teens UK is 8-25 years. Youngsters from age 8 can join in with our main events, activities & initiatives, although this is flexible - in some cases, it might be appropriate for a youngster to get involved prior to their 8th birthday, whereas other youngsters might not be ready until they are a bit older. 

Our core age group stems from why CP Teens UK was set-up in the first place - to connect youngsters and teenagers with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities to ensure that they don't feel alone and to provide socials and opportunities. We host events, activities & initiatives both in-person and online.

CP Teens UK also recognises that children with Cerebral Palsy & similar disabilities between the ages of 8 and 13 years need support, yet they are too young to use the internet & social media. This is why 'CP Tweens' (8-13 years) are very much encouraged to attend all of the CP Teens UK events and activities. Often, attending such events provide them with confidence as they look up to people who are slightly older than them, yet share similar difficulties.

25-years is the cut off for the majority of our events, activities & initiatives for safeguarding reasons. However, we have dedicated services for over-25's and these older service users are extremely welcome at any of our events that are open to the public, e.g. the Annual CP Teens UK Ball.



We offer a limited number of services for people with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities who are 25-years and above.

We recognise that our 'CP Teens' become older and go into adulthood, yet still need support and continuing social opportunities. In 2022, CP Teens UK expanded to accommodate our youngsters who have reached their 26th birthday. You can still participate in our core age-group events, activities & initiatives up until your 26th birthday.

18's and over are also very welcome to join in with CP+ events, activities & initiatives if they wish to mix with other adults.

Occasionally, it may be appropriate to mix CP+ and CP Teens for an event, activity or initiative. We take safeguarding extremely seriously and we only do this for our large-scale events, e.g. 'Have A Go' Para Sport Days.

CP Teenies

CP Teenies is for children from 0-8 years and is here to support parents & families after diagnosis. Advice from real-life families who have gone through the diagnosis stage and live with Cerebral Palsy on a daily basis can be given. This can provide such hope and inspiration at a difficult time. Please get in touch if you feel this would be of benefit.​​

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