2020 Events


1. Social Series - Sheffield

    18/01/2020 with CP Teens UK Ambassador

    and Founder of 'Not So Terrible Palsy',

   Georgia Vine.

   This event is has been & gone, sorry!


2. Social Series - Manchester


    This event has been & gone, sorry!



   14/03/2020. Chesterfield Panthers RUFC.

   £10 a ticket / £6 for 'CP Teens'.

   This event has been & gone, sorry!


4. Social Series -


    04/04/2020 with CP Teens UK Ambassador 

    and Paralympian, Abbie Hunnisett.

    Cancelled due to COVID-19, sorry!


5. 'Find Your Potential' - Nottingham

    18/04/2020. A self-development and

    workshop day with Paralympian Jack Rutter

    and Cerebral Palsy Blogger Chloe Tear.

    Venue has a Changing Places facility.

    Postponed due to COVID-19!


6. Sponsored Wobble north & sponsored Wobble south

    Saturday 2nd May 2020 (South - Windsor) -

    Saturday 9th May 2020 (North - Chatsworth)

     Virtual Wobble, Saturday 9th May:


    Full information & how to participate on link

    Still time to register, get in!


7. Social Series - LIVERPOOL

    18/05/2020 with CP Teens UK Ambassador,

    Cat Lee.

  Cancelled due to COVID-19, sorry!


8. Social Series -


    29/07/2020 with CP Teens UK Ambassador,
   Gavin Drysdale.

    Still spaces left, yassss!


9. Social Series - PLYMOUTH

    15/09/2020 with CP Teens UK Ambassador,

    Maddy Hopson.

    Still spaces left, whoop!


10. The 6th Annual CP Teens uK Ball (inc. 'Pre-ball party') - Casa Hotel, Chesterfield


    2021 DUE TO COVID-19.

   Join us for a fun, uplifting & sparkling evening    at the 6th Annual CP Teens UK Ball. Casa          

  Hotel, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
  £50 a ticket / £25 for 'CP Teens'.

  TICKETS: https://www.cpteensuk.org/ball-2020

   Still tickets available, yayyyy!

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If you would like more information and/or you would like to register/ purchase tickets (if applicable) for an event, please click on the event title.

FAQ's On CP Teens UK Events:

Q: What is the 'Social Series'?

A: The Social Series travels the country enabling 'CP Teens' from all over

     to get involved. The format is an activity (e.g. bowling) followed by a

     meal. The activity is always free for each 'CP Teen' and a +1. In addition,

     each 'CP Teen' and their +1 can claim up to £25 following the event to

     go towards their meal/travel costs.


Q: Do I need to reserve a space for myself/my 'CP Teen'?

A: Yes! Always. We have limited capacity and everything is organised &

     booked in advance. Each event will have its own deadline for 

     registration, or to buy tickets (Quiz & Ball). Please ensure you've 

     followed the instructions for each event to ensure you have booked

     your space or ticket. Please don't just turn up - unfortunately we will

     have to send you/your child away!


Q: Is there an age range/limit?

A: Yes. Although there is no lower age limit, for safeguarding reasons CP

     Teens UK cannot allow anyone 26-years-old or above to attend events

     (with the exception of parents/carers/PA's etc. attending to assist).

     However, the Ball, the Quiz and any other fundraising event for CP

     Teens UK event are open to the general public to attend as well as

     our service users and their families. At such events, 'CP Teens' can

     benefit from a reduced price ticket, usually half price, from the

     general sale price.


Q: Can I/my 'CP Teen' attend alone?

A: It depends. If you/your child requires 1-2-1 support/personal care/

    moving & handling/medication or would be likely to have a medical

    problem during the event (e.g. a seizure), we insist that you/they are

    accompanied by a parent/carer/PA for all events.


    For the Social Series, we allow 'CP Teens' who are 16-17 years old to

    attend alone as long as they don't fall into the above criteria and

    their parent/guardian signs a permission form. All under 16's must

    be accompanied by a parent/carer/PA. We are able to provide

    minimal assistance, e.g. carrying food and drinks/cutting up, helping

    to order food and drinks, tying/changing shoes for bowling etc.

    For the Ball, the Quiz and any other event open to the general public,
    we insist that all under 18's are accompanied by a parent/carer/PA

    regardless of ability.


    18's and over are welcome to attend all events alone provided they

    don't fall into the above criteria and are fully able to physically look

    after themselves.


Q: Are the events accessible?

A: Yes, we always book accessible venues. The only time we cannot 

     guarantee accessibility is when organisations & companies hold

     fundraising events for CP Teens UK - these are not events put on by

     CP Teens UK and therefore we unfortunately have no say over venues.


Q: I want to come to the Ball, but how accessible is the hotel?

A: Very! In fact the Casa Hotel has won awards for its accessibility.

     Wheelchair friendly bedrooms with walk-in wetrooms are available.

     The hotel is newly built, spacious and has lifts to all floors. Don't

     forget to ask for the special CP Teens UK bed & breakfast discount

     too (available the night of the Ball, code obtained once you have

     booked Ball tickets).


Q: I/my child doesn't have Cerebral Palsy but it's for 'CP Teens'?

A: We welcome all young people with a wide range of physical 

     disabilities, it is most definitely not just for Cerebral Palsy.


Q: You only cater for +1's on the Social Series, but I/my child

     requires more support than just a +1, what can I do?

A: No problem at all. In such circumstances, the relevant activity can be

     funded for additional people to enable you/your child to participate.

     The £25 to go towards the meal/travel costs can also be reviewed

     and it is possible to claim back a higher amount in some 

     circumstances. However, it must be brought up at time of booking a

     space otherwise it will be assumed that only a +1 is attending.


     If you would like to bring more than a +1 for social or other reasons,
     you are welcome to do so, however you must mention it at time of

     booking and you must cover the cost of the activity for them and you

     cannot claim anything back towards the cost of their meal or travel.

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