Sparkle & Shine - Christmas 2021

November 30th, 2021

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Purchase a decoration on the CP Teens UK tree this Christmas and help to provide 'help, hope, inspiration & friendship'!


1. Choose your decoration - Star, Bauble, Candy Cane

2. Go to:

3. State your decoration choice in your message (if not stated, one will be chosen at random)

4. Dedicate your decoration to a child, teenager, or young adult with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities (optional). Leave this in your message. Your message will be attached to your decoration on the tree.


5. Pay - £3 per decoration, but if you wish to give more this will be very gratefully received.


6. We will hang your decoration on the tree! Please note: this will be done manually by CP Teens UK, we will do it twice a week so please don't worry if your decoration doesn't appear immediately. Decorations will appear on the Tree & will be shared on social media.


A new job for Rebekah!

November 22nd, 2021

Congratulations to Rebekah, one of our regular 'Chit & Chatters', who started her new job last week!

Fantastic, well done!


Back in the dark for chit & chat

November 10th, 2021

Tonight was our first 'dark' Chit & Chat since mid-February!


Favourite books & audiobooks, 'dreaded' homework, a new job for one participant and general chit chat & laugh!


Can you believe we've been 'Chit & Chatting' for nearly a year?!


TWO sessions left in 2021:

- Tuesday 23rd November

- Wednesday 8th December


NO Bangs starts with a... no bang!

November 5th, 2021

#NoBangs Bonfire Night has STARTED!

CP Teens UK Pamper Packs? - TICK

Curtains shut? - TICK

Music on? - TICK


Chillaxing? - TICK

Abby in the South West is our first participant this evening to get stuck into her CP Teens UK Pamper Pack!

Join the discussion by:

- Commenting/sharing your photos below

- On CP Teens UK Chat (membership required)

- On Twitter by tagging @CPTeensUK and using #NoBangs

- On Instagram by tagging @CPTeensUK and using #NoBangs




Every year Bonfire Night can be problematical for people with Cerebral Palsy due to having a startle reflex (medical term - moro reflex). Everybody is born with a moro reflex but usually outgrow it by 6-months-old. Typically people with Cerebral Palsy do not outgrow the moro reflex due to the damage in the brain.


Congratulations to Maddy!

October 28th, 2021

Another reason to celebrate…


A massive congratulations to CP Teens UK Ambassador, Maddy, on passing her driving test!


A fabulous achievement and enjoy your new found independence!


A great day all around!

October 27th, 2021

An exciting day all around!


This morning, CP Teens UK were pleased to support Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS and Charity’s Ride of our Lives event, which was part of a long distance cycle event from Great Ormond Street Hospital to the COP26 conference in Glasgow! A range of adaptive equipment, local opportunities and information was available for children to try in Weston Park opposite the hospital.


This afternoon, the #DisabilityPower100 list was announced - Britain’s 100 Most Influential Disabled People. Included in the list was Founder of CP Teens UK, Ellie Simpson, for the charity as well as Frame Running.


CP Teens UK Ambassador, Georgia Vine, was also recognised as a ‘Rising Star’ - Georgia runs the award winning blog, Not So Terrible Palsy, and has recently gained a First Class Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy!


Read the full power list here:


Finally, the day was finished with ‘Chit & Chat’ - a regular CP Teens UK online initiative providing a fun, interactive social hour for our youngsters.


What a great day!


2021 Sponsored Wobble

October 17th, 2021

Yesterday was the annual CP Teens UK Sponsored Wobble through Chatsworth, Derbyshire!

It was amazing to be able to return to this annual favourite after 18-months and 2 virtual Sponsored Wobbles. The accessible 5k is a fun physical challenge as well as a social opportunity and get together with both new & old friends.

On the 8th anniversary of CP Teens UK, we’re delighted to announce that the total raised at the 2021 Sponsored Wobble (as of 5pm GMT, Sunday 17th October) was …



This is incredible! All of our ‘wobblers’ were amazing! A special mention to Olive - our youngest ‘wobbler’ to date who gave it her all, smiled all the way, completed a section of the route in her walker and has raised a phenomenal £978 for CP Teens UK!


Thank you so much to everyone who supported, whether in-person or from afar, and to our 2021 ‘wobblers’ who were a smashing bunch!


Photos by Darron V & Anna S - can be viewed in the GALLERY


Glorious years of CP Teens UK

October 17th, 2021


Today is the 8th anniversary of CP Teens UK! Launched as 'just an idea' by Ellie Simpson on 17th October 2013 after feeling isolated by able-bodied peers as well as being frustrated at the lack of opportunities for physically disabled youngsters, CP Teens UK took off immediately.

8-years on, it is a registered charity (1172105), has connected hundreds of physically disabled young people & their families, provided physically disabled youngsters with the confidence to be them, provided social opportunities and activities including 6 sparkling black tie Balls, and it's even been recognised by the Prime Minister!


CP Teens UK is one hundred percent ran by volunteers, with Ellie herself running it on a day-to-day basis - the aim being 'run by people with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities, for people with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities'.


'Help, hope, inspiration & friendship' remains at the heart and as important as ever. Let's see what 2022 brings with exciting things already in the pipeline!


Hello year number 9!

"I've found my people... and that's the magic of CP Teens UK!" - 'CP Teen'

No Bangs 2021.jpg

#NoBangs Bonfire Night

October 14th, 2021

It's back... #NoBangs Bonfire Night!

After last year's huge success, this virtual event is back for 2021!

Every year Bonfire Night can be problematical for people with Cerebral Palsy due to having a startle reflex (medical term - moro reflex). Everybody is born with a moro reflex but usually outgrow it by 6-months-old. Typically people with Cerebral Palsy do not outgrow the moro reflex due to the damage in the brain.

Join in with #NoBangs Bonfire Night! Get cosy, turn up the music, & pamper with your CP Teens UK pamper kit!

Pamper kit FREE and sent to you!

Online discussion for you to join in with on 5th November.

ONLY 50 KITS AVAILABLE. Deadline: 20th October, or when limit is reached (whichever comes first)


Maximum age: 25-years


Register on the EVENTS page


Famous 'chit & Chatter'!

October 9th, 2021

We have a famous 'Chit & Chatter' among us!...

Nathan, who is a regular participant in the CP Teens UK online 'Chit & Chat' sessions, is one of the main faces for this year's BBC Children in Need campaign!

Nathan has only missed a couple of sessions since 'Chit & Chat' started back in February this year, and has even joined when on holiday! His enthusiasm is fantastic, as well as his sense of humour & determination.

Well done Nathan!


Grand total announced

October 8th, 2021

To put everyone into the 'Friday feeling', we're absolutely delighted to announce that the grand total raised at the 6th Annual CP Teens UK Ball was...


A massive, massive thank you for everyone's generosity! And, to the Casa Hotel for once again hosting the event and making it a massive success for the sixth year running!

World CP Day - Chit & Chat.jpg

'Chit & Chat' with Sam and Gavin

October 6th, 2021

A massive thank you to Paralympian Sam Ruddock, who joined our World Cerebral Palsy Day 'Chit & Chat' Special this evening, as well as CP Teens UK Head Ambassador, Gavin Drysdale!

Lots of laughter went on!

Sam has Cerebral Palsy and is a Track Cycling athlete. He is the British record holder in the C1 Kilometere Time Trial and is currently ranked number 4 in the world. Sam has also competed in Athletics for Great Britain, running the 100 and 200 metres at London 2012 and throwing in the shot put at Rio 2016. He found great success in the latter event, securing a European silver medal that year and breaking the British record (13.75m) in 2015.

Gavin has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, is an AAC user and is a multiple world record holder in Male RR3 Frame Running. Gavin won Gold for for Great Britain at the 2018 European Championships and the 2019 World Championships.

#IsItOk that Sam found a random green duster on the side and tucked it into his top like a bib for World CP Day?!

Join us next week! Register on the EVENTS page (no need to register again if you've already registered)


World Cerebral Palsy Day

October 6th, 2021

Today is World Cerebral Palsy Day!

1 in 400 people in the UK & 17 million people worldwide have Cerebral Palsy. That's a lot of people and gives #MillionsOfReasons to celebrate!

Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term referring to a lifelong condition effecting movement and coordination as a result of a brain injury before, during or after birth.

Today we celebrate everyone with Cerebral Palsy. The young, the old, the boys, the girls, the men and the women. The students, the workers, the athletes, the bloggers, the campaigners, the writers, the grafters, the models, the game changers, the office workers, the teachers and the never give uppers. The artists, the mathematicians, the designers, the academics, the trial blazers, the retail assistants, the scientists, the coaches and the computer whizzes.

The party animals, the dancers, the jokers, the stars of the show, the actors and actresses and the musicians. The film lovers, the comedians, the singers, the organisers, the fashionistas and the innovators. The list is endless!

Today we celebrate everyone with Cerebral Palsy and go green!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at 5pm tonight for our World Cerebral Palsy Day Special 'Chit & Chat' - with Paralympian, Sam Ruddock, and CP Teens UK Head Ambassador and multiple Frame Running World Record Holder, Gavin Drysdale!

No Bangs 2021.jpg

#NoBangs is back for 2021

October 5th, 2021

It's back... #NoBangs Bonfire Night!


After last year's huge success, this virtual event is back for 2021!


Every year Bonfire Night can be problematical for people with Cerebral Palsy due to having a startle reflex (medical term - moro reflex). Everybody is born with a moro reflex but usually outgrow it by 6-months-old. Typically people with Cerebral Palsy do not outgrow the moro reflex due to the damage in the brain.


Join in with #NoBangs Bonfire Night! Get cosy, turn up the music, & pamper with your CP Teens UK pamper kit!

Pamper kit FREE and sent to you!

Online discussion for you to join in with on 5th November.

Only 50 kits available.

Maximum age: 25-years

Register on the EVENTS page


Into the history books for Matt

October 3rd, 2021

Let us introduce (or re-introduce for many of you) CP Teens UK Ambassador, Matthew Humphreys...

Today has been a groundbreaking day into the history books for Matt as he embarked on being the FIRST EVER Frame Runner to complete the London Marathon!


Matt did participate in the Virtual London Marathon last year at Holme Pierrepont due to Covid-19. Today, after months of waiting, grit & determination, Matt finally ran the actual London Marathon down the famous London streets & past iconic London sights!

Matt, who has Quadriplegic Dystonia (similar to Cerebral Palsy), said "I started running using a RaceRunner (now called a Frame Runner) when I was 13 years old, after meeting a Scottish athlete at a Cerebral Palsy athletics activity day. That changed my life and made me realise I could have the freedom and fun of running independently again."


A Frame Runner resembles a tricycle without pedals - it has a chest plate and fully takes a person's weight, enabling them to move their legs at speed and run whilst being fully supported.


Training hasn't been easy for Matt, especially with Covid-19. "Training with a large running frame has its own difficulties, like needing suitable tracks or paths to run on, and finding people to help train and drive me around. The feeling of running and the achievement that brings makes it all worthwhile. Training with Sam, Adam, or Ross (my PAs) has been fun, though I’m not sure they always feel this is the case when they’re on their bikes training with me!"

Matt completed the 2021 London Marathon in an impressive 04:12.27!


We are so proud of you Matt! What a challenge, what an achievement, what a young man! Go & enjoy a beer now!

Teen camp poster(1).jpg

Teen Camp announced!

October 1st, 2021

We are delighted to announce a very exciting Teen Camp at the Bendrigg's Trust in partnership with CPISRA & CP Sport!

11-14th April 2022.


Fun, inclusive & accessible adventure activities in a safe, supportive environment.


13-17 years old.


Make friends, make memories, make possibilities!


Please register your interest with Lauren at CPISRA - More information can also be obtained from Lauren

World CP Day 2021.jpg


September 30th, 2021

A NEW block of the popular 'Chit & Chat' sessions have just been added - October-December 2021, including a World Cerebral Palsy Day special!

  • Wednesday 6th October 2021 - World Cerebral Palsy Day

  • Monday 11th October 2021

  • Wednesday 27th October 2021

  • Wednesday 10th November 2021

  • Tuesday 23rd November 2021

  • Wednesday 8th December 2021


ALL sessions 5-6pm GMT.


Register on the EVENTS page. 

Maximum age: 25-years.


BETH Honoured with award

September 29th, 2021

Every year at the Annual CP Teens UK Ball, we remember our special friend, coach & mentor, Andrew Longden, who sadly passed away in early 2018.


Andrew coached RaceRunning for CP Teens UK. He was passionate about opportunities and equality for people with disabilities in all areas of life, not just sport. He championed youngsters with disabilities and took great delight in each individual's achievements and journey.


The Andrew Longden 'Hero of Disability' Award recognises individuals who display the same attributes as Andrew did - a love for enhancing the lives of people with a disability/championing disabled people, a passion to give back, a dedication to enable opportunities for disabled people and a commitment to disability projects/initiatives/clubs/services etc.

This year's winner fulfils all of the above with her impressive work, and she was honoured on Saturday evening...




Beth has Cerebral Palsy, a hearing impairment and she is an AAC user. Beth is passionate, dedicated & driven, using her own lived experience of disability and AAC to help others.


At the young age of 14, Beth asked for a website for Christmas after interest in her journey from professionals & families alike after speaking at AAC conferences worldwide. Beth started speaking at conferences from the tender age of 12-years-old. Her first talk was about her life as a communication aid user in Germany, which kick started a love for public speaking.


Following being invited to a weeklong European Network for Independent Living leadership workshop in Strasbourg back in 2012 Beth’s passion crystallised.


In 2018, Beth co-led both a dreams workshop and a leadership workshop for international AAC delegates at the ISAAC conference in Australia. She has also previously been co-opted to the Communication Matters Board and the ISAAC Lead Committee. In September 2021 she is an invited keynote speaker at the Communication Matters International Conference. Her topic ‘Passion for Potential – Developing Expectation Environments’ focuses on empowerment.


Beth became more concerned of the challenges faced in everyday life by those with disabilities. As a result, Beth began her academic journey at the University of York studying Social Policy. Her aim was to take her passion and to turn it into something that she could use to champion the lives of others by mixing a knowledge of policy and practical lived experience to empower others to fulfil their own life and communication potential. Beth graduated recently with a first class degree in Social Policy. She was invited to be student orator for the University of York Social Sciences graduating class, undoubtedly raising awareness of AAC.


And if this wasn't enough, Beth is a successful para-athlete with the height of her career to date being selected for Tokyo 2020 in BC2 Boccia. Not content with focusing on herself and her passion to help others, Beth co-founded Jorvik Boccia - a community Boccia group who perform in the England Super League. Beth also has a love for Frame Running and in true 'Beth spirit & style', she co-founded York Frame Running Club in 2017.


Beth's love, passion & dedication to help others has had, and continues to, have a huge impact - and not just here in the UK, but worldwide. Her website has become a lived experience resource for others with physical disabilities and speech impairments. She openly shares examples from her own life regarding living independently, leading a team, studying and being an elite athlete when using AAC and needing 24/7 support every day of the year.


A very deserving winner who we're sure Andrew would be massively bowled over by.


Congratulations Beth!

Sponsored Wobble - 16th October 2021.jpg

Change of registration!

September 27th, 2021


Unfortunately, we are struggling to receive registrations via our website for the 2021 Sponsored Wobble.


Please now register HERE:

We can't wait to be back walking, 'wobbling' & wheeling through Chatsworth Park next month!


Oh what a night! 6th CP Teens Ball

September 26th, 2021

Oh what a night!

We had a ball - literally! After 2 cancellations and 2 years, last night saw the return of the Annual CP Teens UK Ball!

‘CP Teens’, family, friends & supporters of the charity came together to celebrate & party. This year saw a record number of ‘CP Teens’ attending with 18 youngsters dusting down their ball gowns & suits. A few youngsters attending last night discovered CP Teens UK during lockdown and have been engaging & participating from behind a webcam for the past 18-months - it is always special when the friendships come together in-person, but this year it was particularly special when youngsters arrived and recognised their ‘online lockdown friends’!

A massive thank you to this year’s sponsor, Wilson Estate Agents. A massive thank you also goes to the Chair of Trustees, Debbie Simpson, and all of last night’s volunteers. Thank you to the Casa Hotel for hosting the event for the sixth year running. And, of course, last but no means least, all of our supporters who were extremely generous last night and enable CP Teens UK to keep providing ‘help, hope, inspiration & friendship’.

Full total raised to be announced soon.

2022 date to be announced soon!


“I’ve found my people… and that’s the magic of CP Teens!” - CP Teen, 2021 Ball


Thank you to the Drysdale family

September 20th, 2021

A massive thank you to CP Teens UK Head Ambassador, Gavin, and his family for donating an Amazon Alexa for the raffle at the 6th Annual CP Teens UK Ball this Saturday!

There’s still time to donate and at the touch of a button. Check out our raffle wish list here:


“Alexa! Take me to the CP Teens UK Ball!”


Wilson's sponsor the 2021 Ball

August 25th, 2021

With just a month to go until the 2021 CP Teens UK Ball, we're pleased to announce that Wilson Estate Agents are this year's sponsor for the glittering event!

Established in 1946, Wilson's are now in their fourth generation and remain as passionate about properties now as they were in the 1940's. If you're thinking of buying & selling in the Chesterfield area, and you're looking for commitment and high levels of customer service, then look no further than Wilson's Estate Agents. / 01246 956 945

A big thank you to Wilson's Estate Agents for supporting CP Teens UK and for helping us to continue to provide 'help, hope, inspiration & friendship'


CP Teens UK on the radio

August 24th, 2021

CP Teens UK is on BBC Radio Sheffield!

This morning as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics get underway, Ellie (Founder of CP Teens UK) & Orla (regular CP Teens UK participant) discussed attitudes/perceptions of disability, CP Teens UK, all things Paralympics and a bit of Frame Running!


Catch up here (Paulette Edward's show, will be available after the show has gone off air) -


Thank you to JMW Solicitors

August 20th, 2021

A massive thank you to JMW Solicitors LLP who have been very generous with donating a fantastic prize for the CP Teens UK Ball next month!

Thank you so much!


Fun & Games at Chatsworth

August 14th, 2021

Today saw the first 'in-person' event/get together in over 18-months for CP Teens UK!

We held a picnic with big outdoor games in the beautiful surroundings of Chatsworth in the Peak District.

Fun & laughter was had by everyone, and it was so lovely to be back together without screens and webcams.


The Maley family have a greAt time!

August 9th, 2021

You may remember a few weeks ago we advertised a wonderful family experience across CP Teens UK social media - a fully funded weekend at the CPISRA (Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association) Family Camp.

We were delighted to give this to the Maley family - a very deserving family who had a blast this weekend! Read their fantastic blog about their weekend here:

Keep your eyes peeled for more camps in the future as we embark on a partnership with CPISRA to hopefully bring joint camps in the future!


you shall go to the Ball!

August 5th, 2021


The 2021 CP Teens UK Ball has nearly sold out! We're going ahead at a slightly reduced capacity this year, so if you want tickets now is your last chance and you need to be QUICK!



Discounted, accessible accommodation at the Casa Hotel available (receive discount code following purchasing tickets


Thank you to Buy A Gift!

August 2nd, 2021

A massive thank you to Buy A Gift who have donated a great experience prize for the auction at this year's CP Teens UK Ball!


We are extremely grateful!


Tickets for the Ball are now going VERY fast! Don't leave it too late!



July 25th, 2021


Matt has completed the London ASICS 10k in an impressive 53 minutes! Matt said he would have liked to have done it quicker but got caught up in typical London traffic!

A massive well done Matt, an amazing achievement and thank you so much! Not only have you raised money for CP Teens UK, you have also raised both the charity’s profile & the profile of Frame Running!

You can still sponsor Matt here:

Andy & Megan Gigla.jpg

Andrew Longden - 2021 award

June 27th, 2021

Launching the 2021 Andrew Longden 'Hero of Disability' Award.

The award was originally the Andrew Longden 'Hero of Disability Sport' Award and was introduced in 2018 in loving memory of Andrew Longden, the CP Teens UK RaceRunning Coach. Andrew, who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2018, coached CP Teens UK Founder, Ellie from when she started Athletics. With the development and growth of both CP Teens UK and RaceRunning, in 2015 Andrew started coaching RaceRunning for the charity.

In 2021, the award is expanding beyond the sporting arena. Andrew was passionate about opportunities and equality for people with disabilities in all areas of life, not just sport. Andrew was a great friend who championed youngsters with disabilities and took great delight in each individual's achievements and journey, both in and out of sport.

The award is presented on an annual basis at the CP Teens UK Ball and will recognise anyone involved in disability who gives back and displays the same attributes that Andrew did - love, passion, outstanding commitment and a true dedication to improving the lives of disabled people.



CLOSING DATE: Monday 30th August 2021, 23:59 GMT

Picnic - 14th August 2021.jpg

4 New Events Added

June 23rd, 2021

4 NEW exciting events & activities just added!

London Olympic Park - Saturday 31st July 2021

Summer Picnic in the Park, Chatsworth - Saturday 14th August 2021

Alton Towers - Sunday 19th September 2021

The Sponsored Wobble, Chatsworth - Saturday 16th October 2021




Mighty Matt runs London 10k

June 6th, 2021

Matt is running the ASICS London 10k next month for CP Teens UK!


Matt, who has Quadriplegic Dystonia, is a Frame Runner (formerly known as RaceRunning)