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So, how was the first week of university?

Three words, I am shattered! I am so glad I have today off; I had a 'surpise' (it wasn't originally timetabled!) lecture yesterday and my first reaction was 'DON'T DO THIS TOO ME, I NEED SLEEP!'. I blogged a while ago about Cerebral Palsy and tiredness (a lot of you responded like 'me too!', and some of you were like 'I never ever knew this, but now I know why I'm so tired all of the time!'), and I had somehow forgot over the course of my gap year how I really do need high levels of sleep!

So, this week wasn't as scary as I thought! On Monday, I got dropped off outside the building I was in and I met a girl I had found through Facebook on my course and we went inside, and challenge number 1 was a flight of stairs! I was literally like, 'oh my god, great start!', and me being me, I didn't have the confidence to ask if we could go round to the accessible entrance, which was around the back of the building ... I also blogged a while ago about the fact that as I walk and don't use a wheelchair full-time/at university, things aren't always obvious to people and actually a wheelchair can do all explanations without a single word having to be said! Luckily, the steps were quite well spaced out and I reached the top with my 2 feet on the floor ... I was like *cue round of applause*! But, then, the coridoor was so busy, and I was like *cue Ellie flat on her face*! I leaned on what I thought was a wall, but it started to move and I was going with it ... yeah, it really wasn't a wall, it was a door!

Luckily, the lecturer, who I went to meet a couple of weeks ago, spotted me, and came to stand next to me, and then my other lecturer took me to the front ...but, then I still tripped over my own foot, I'm so hopeless! The following day, we just had a computer session, which was pretty straightforward. And then we went to the EIS, where I train! Here, we were doing physical ice-breaker activities, which did make me a tad nervous alongside about 300 able-bodied students! All I wanted to do was get my throwing frame out of the car and my clubs, take them to my usual spot in the throwing nets and hide! I did all the activities, cringing all the way through, and this probably sounds really weird, but I think it really did help that I know the EIS inside out and that on Wednesday & Friday nights, I am in there doing something I love and with people I've become incredibly close too.

At the end, we had to do a lap of honour around the track and I didn't do it, yet when I am there training and surrounded by people in my Athletics Club (who are actually nearly all able-bodied), I do it without even thinking about it, so I guess it's a confidence thing! I'm looking forward to athletics tonight and the Friday night crew as we call ourselves!

On Wednesday, I officially enrolled as a student at the university, and then met Laura (who I met through CP Teens UK!) and we went for a Starbucks and then for lunch! Laura is now in her 3rd year at the same university as me.

I'd like to say a massive welcome to new CP Teens UK Ambassador, Chloe Smith! I'm sure that Chloe will make a great Ambassador, make sure you check out her profile here. Also, don't get the two Chloe's mixed up - CP Teens UK now has Chloe Tear and Chloe Smith both as ambassadors!

Chloe Smith - photo.jpg

(Chloe Smith - new ambassador)

With starting University this week, I have had no time to sit down for 'CP Teens UK time'. This might sound a bit weird, but I have missed it an incredible amount. Not being able to get online, getting involved, getting things out there and communicating with you all has made me realise how passionate I am about CP Teens UK and connecting you all, what a big part of my life it has become and how close to my heart it is. I can't wait until the 'Sponsored Wobble' a week on Sunday, the first ever fundraising event for CP Teens UK and a celebration! A year ago, I would have never thought CP Teens UK would have grown to this extent and reach so many people ... and that's all down to all of you, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

And finally, whilst I was typing this blog post, I got an amazing surprise through the post! On Saturday, I went to my final competition of the season, which was the National Cerebral Palsy Championships. This season has been amazing, and I'm so sad it's over. I have made some amazing friends on the tracks and fields of the UK, and I love being with the F32 (my classification) girls! I thought I was finishing the season with a Silver, from the National Disability Championships back in June, which was an amazing achievement, if I do say so myself! ... But! The postman delivered a GOLD medal from Saturday about 10 minutes ago!! I really don't know how on earth I a) missed the medal ceremony, and b) how I got gold???! But, as of 10 minutes ago, I finish the 2014 season with 1 gold and 1 silver, from national competitions!

IMG_5381 copy.jpg

Ellie - CP Nationals 20:09:2014.jpg

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